NEWS | MAGI completed Tiejia’s mission: former CTO of CTO is recruited

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August 9, 2017, MAGI Associates successfully completed an important executive search assignment. MAGI’s ‘Financial and Financial Technology Division’ conducted this search assignment and talent assessment, supported by MAGI’s ‘Research and Knowledge Center’.

Former CTO of, Mr. ZHAO Ming (James ZHAO), joined Teijia Information Technology (Beijing) Co. in early August this year. In 2007, Mr. ZAHO joined, support the company to be listed on the NYSE in 2009. The company’s market value has reached 8 billion US dollars, equivalent of double value of Autohome. was regarded as the first vertical giant of China’s Internet industry. Before that, in the year of 1998, Mr. ZHAO joined, as the first generation of Internet technology professionals. He promoted from a technical staff to the technical director. He had been responsible for a series of strategic infrastructure design, architecture optimization and upgrading, as well as general technology product development, such as  mail, forum, community, etc.

Tiejia is China’s well-known construction machinery trading marketplace, which is a champion in the Internet Vertical B2B engineering machinery trading field. Its annualGMV is now more than 4 billion RMB. Mr. ZHAO Ming, now, works as the CTO of Tiejia, will be responsible for Tiejia’ s department of product, research and big data.

Ada PAN, recruitment expert of MAGI’s ‘Financial and Financial Technology Division’, said:

In this cross-border executive search project, according to the CTO executives of Science Technology and traditional Internet B2C, their job-hopping frequency is now significantly accelerated. From the second half of 2016 to the first half of 2017, tracking the completed assignments of MAGI  Internet executives’ recruitment, we may predict that, in the coming 2 years, there will be more and more B2C Internet operations, products or technological talents turn to the B2B model of business.

Alex YANG,Managing Director of MAGI also said:

Internet companies are now in the business model of closed-end phase of transaction. As the government’s financial conference is held, to ensure the stability of the financial market, and also, to strengthen the risk control management, positive guidance of credit fund into the industrial economy will benefit to the B2B Internet who has a large number of small and medium enterprises. In the end of August, the financial leasing industry will be under the supervision of the CBRC, which is similar to the high-tech companies, like Tiejia. They will bring competitive advantages in the area of   in the credit and risk management andto set the pricing of products through information technology and big data.

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